Alex Morral

iOS and Backend Developer ·


Senior iOS Engineer


  • Working in the Account team delivering shared features for all of the client apps.

January 2024 - Present

iOS Engineer


  • Developing new features for Sage Individual leveraging latest Apple frameworks such as SwiftUI, Combine, async-await. Maintenance and bug fixing of the legacy Sage Accounting app.
  • Design the architecture of Sage Individual to be modular and protocol oriented. UI, Networking and API Services modules on their own Swift Package.
  • Participate in interviews of new team members, evaluating the take-home projects and being in charge of the iOS technical questions.
  • Security Champion for the team, being the person responsible of managing the communication and results of a penetration tests and SAST/DAST findings.

May 2021 - December 2023

Cofounder and Sotware Engineer

Bocadil Infinite

  • Develop and publish iOS apps from zero to App Store. Some of our projects:
    • Secret Santa 22. More than 1.7M downloads. Reaches top charts each year during winter season.
    • Recorda. More than 6K downloads
    • Stickery. (Sold in 2021). We had more than 1.5M downloads at the moment we sold.
  • Develop complex backends in Ruby on Rails both for apps and webs. Developed warehouse management platform used in Mercabarna.
  • Management of all the servers and systems we have in place such as devops operations, backend/data backups, database maintenance, etc.

March 2017 - Present

iOS Developer

Soft For You

I joined the Sfy iOS team to help them work on their projects. I worked in some projects for big name clients such as Caixabank and Banc Sabadell. The time there was great because I had the oportunity to learn a lot on some iOS SDKs, e.g. CoreData, CoreBluetooth, CoreLocation...

June 2015 - November 2016

iOS Developer

Formentera Apartments

Formentera Apartments was a company that was renting flats, apartments and houses on the Formentera Island. I helped develop the website in PHP and also made the iOS app (not available anymore). The main purpose of the app was to display all the properties and their details and be able to send a request on these properties.

October 2012 - December 2012



Dreamy - Your dream journal

Dreamy is a dream diary app to keep all your dreams organized. It lets you write down or record your dreams, and attach some important information to them.


Amigo Invisible 22 - Gift exchange

Secret Santa 22 is an online gift exchange generator app that lets you draw names fast and free.

Stickery - the sticker maker (SOLD)

Stickery is a sticker maker app that lets you create and customize your own stickers. You are able to share the stickers you created with your friends. You can also download really cool stickers from artists.

Recorda - Journal And Reminders

Recorda reinvents and merges your personal diary, your to-do list, your notes and reminders in a single app. It allows you to quickly, easily and intuitively write down what comes to your mind.


Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

Bachelor Degree in Informatics Engineering
Specialization: Software Engineering
September 2011 - June 2016

La Salle Bonanova, Barcelona

Specialization: Technology
September 2009 - June 2011


Programming Languages & Tools
  • iOS Development
    • Swift & Objective-C
    • SwiftUI & UIKit
    • Combine & Core Data
  • Backend Development
    • Ruby & Ruby on Rails
    • Elixir & Phoenix Framework
    • Docker, Sidekiq, AWS
  • DevOps using Bitrise, Docker and AWS
  • System administration using Linux, PotgreSQL and Nginx